Friday, December 23, 2016

Pregnancy Photoshoot and Tips

Hello everyone! It's been a long time. I'm expecting a baby!!!. Pregnancy is the most beautiful and amazing thing I've ever experienced. Truly. A woman's body is amazing and breathtaking. There are no words to describe it!
Our bodies go through so much and work so hard for the little ones inside us. In my case, the first half was difficult. I mean, it's pretty rough on a woman's body, but even with everything that I was going through in the first trimester and half of the second trimester, I always felt happy, and an enormous love and gratitude. This is the first pregnancy for me, so everything is new to me. Of course, I've heard and read about some of the symptoms etc, but it's different when you live it. It was enough that at one point I had to take a few months off of work. 
As soon as I started feeling better, I was able to get some photos taken outdoors by a photographer.
So, here are some pictures and what I wore. Below I will share some tips to help cope with some symptoms. Also, I present to you my husband, the love of my life!

What I Wore:
A Maternity dress from Asos. The coat is from and the shoes are Michael Kors (past seasons). One of the things I love about ASOS is that they have a large variety of clothes and styles. So glad they have maternity clothes and they are stylish and trendy. This dress is comfortable and the little pleats on the waist add room for a growing belly. I bought five of them! yes, five lol! Of course, they are different colors. I chose baby blue and nude for this photoshoot, delicate colors. I let my husband choose his clothes (he did good!). All the colors worked together, including the teddy bear (Ralph Lauren)which we got at Bloomingdales.

Tips for Morning Sickness(which lasted all the day for me)
- I wore psi-bands(for sea-sickness)on both wrist to help with the nausea.
- I applied a little bit of Vick's on my nose to help with the smells. Also, I wore a mask with a little bit of alcohol or hand sanitizer on it to block smells. 
- I ate ginger chews and gingermints.
- Occasionally, I had ginger tea, mint tea and chamomille tea.
- I mixed water with cold lemonade, or Gatorade so that I wouldn't drink much sugar (half and half). I added some ice cubes.
- My husband helped me blending fruits and freezing them in the ice tray. (I couldn't go to the kitchen because the smell of food made me gag or vomit). Also, people's smells made me nauseous. 
I tried all of these, sometimes some of them helped and sometimes did not. I made sure to keep my Dr posted about everything. There were a few times when I felt so weak and tired, I ended up having to go in to urgent care. It turned out that because of the vomiting, and nausea, I had let my body become dehydrated. In urgent care they gave me Saline and nausea medicine, though it was more difficult because I have gastritis, and they were unable to treat that because of the pregnancy. Other symptoms were a lot of heartburn and gas, sometimes headaches, and constipation. One very new thing to me was the broken blood vessels on my face after throwing up violently (it happened a few times).

The thought that helped me coping with this (besides praying)was that even though the symptoms were uncomfortable and draining, I took them as a sign of the baby's continue developing. I love my baby with all my heart that I would go through it all again in a second. I didn't know this type of love existed, any word to describe it would come up short. My husband and I are so happy, excited and looking forward to meeting him soon. This is the most beautiful blessing!

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