Thursday, December 12, 2013

Houndstooth and Blue Leopard Outfit Idea

Throwback Thursday !
A look from my archives :)

Jueves de Recuerdo !
Un look sacado de mi baul lleno de archivos :)

I know that mixing patterns can go wrong, and that has happened to me a few times. I managed to take some pictures of them which I will post in the future. But this time I like the outcome. You can mix Houndstooth print with another print, and I would leave it there. This time I mixed it with a leopard print which has only two colors, blue & black. Both prints share black making it a cohesive look. Now, it's time to stop adding prints and just style it with a solid color like black. One more pop of color was red on the nails, lips, and if you can see well, there is a red stone on the ring.
Hope you like this idea.

Outfit Suitable for: Work/Office, Formal Dinner, Business Meetings, Theater-Opera.

What I wore:
- H&M skirt (2011)
- Jewelmint ring and bracelet
- Asos clutch bag (2010)
- Steve Madden pumps (2010)
- Lipstick, Flirt "21 Sizzle" (via Kohl's)
- Revlon nail polish, 120 Red Carpet (CVS store)
- Coat: Burlington Coat Factory, got it for $17.99
- Victoria's Secret Silk Leopard Blouse (last year, bought it on sale, original price $50, got it for $27.99 with a coupon, 2011)

what a great price right ^^ !

I hope you like this outfit idea, darlings 
Thank you for reading
xoxo !

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Olivia Palermo's Look For Less

Olivia Palermo’s Luxe Layering Trick

I came across Palermo's look on a website where they share her outfit details. Three of her clothes are a total of $5338 !!! No everyone can afford such expensive garments, so I thought of sharing a similar look for under $50 each piece. I hope you like it :) 
ps: The green fur is a long vest she wears underneath her jacket.
Her Look: 
Moncler Amelle Vest ($2775)


Vi el look de Olivia Palermo en una pagina de internet donde comparten los detalles de su atuendo. Solo tres de su ropa es un total de $5338 dolares !!! No todos pueden comprar cosas tan caras, asi es que pense en compartir una recreacion similar al de ella donde cada pieza es bajo $50 . Espero les guste :) 
pd: El color verde de la piel que ella viste, es un chaleco que usa adebajo de la campera/chaqueta/abrigo.

Olivia Palermo's Look For Less

Forever 21 coat

River Island red skinny jeans
$33 -

Satchel bag

Essie nail polish

Monday, December 9, 2013

Autumn Pastel Hues:: A Touch of Brown

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear"
- Nelson Mandela

"He aprendido que la valentia no es la ausencia del miedo, sino el triunfo sobre el. El hombre valiente no es el que no siente miedo, sino el que vence ese miedo"
- Nelson Mandela

Hi dolls! 
Since I've seen soft pastels on the runways or in trendy retail stores such as J.Crew and Zara, I decide that I would give it a try myself. I wasn't sure about transferring those colors into my outfits but the thought of a winter wonderland-like colored looks was very attractive. I fell in love with the light pink and light blue that Prada had and similarly with the light yellow, blush, whites and light grey that Celine had in the runway. And what else can I say about Proenza Schoulder's collection, but just J'adore!. So I hope you like this outfit idea, I paired a pair of light pink pants with a white sweater and finally a brown faux fur vest. 
ps: I think this is my last outfit not wearing big coats because the weather has changed (very cold since yesterday)

Hola muñecas!
Desde que he visto colores pasteles en las pasarelas y las tiendas de moda como J.Crew y Zara, decidi que yo tambien intentarias vestirlos. No estuve segura de transferir esos colores en mis atuendos, pero la idea de un paraíso invernal en esos bellos colores fue muy tentadora. Me enamore de esos rosaditos y celestes claros que vi en la pasarela de Prada, igualmente con los amarillos, rosaditos, blancos y grises claros de la coleccion de Celine. Y que puedo decir de coleccion de Proenza Schoulder, sino un J'adore!. Espero les guste esta idea de vestuario donde combine unos pantalones rosadito claro con un sueter blanco, y para finalizar un toque marron por el chaleco de piel artificial.
pd: Creo que este el ultimo atuendo donde no visto abrigos grandes, ya que empezare a usarlos porque el clima ya cambio un monton

My latest acquisition from a thrift store. A pair of Fossil sunglasses. Love them because of that 70's hippie vibe they have. I want to be a hippie :) lol !

Wearing sling back shoes. The coral color of the shoes looks really nice with the brown of the bag. Hope you like this  

Outfit - Atuendo
Watch (reloj): Seiko (husband gift)
Handbag (cartera): Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, via ebay.
Shoes (sapatos): Studded Sling Back Shoes, Zara. $14.99 on sale, August
Sweater (sueter): Sweater With Transparent Shoulders, Zara. Paid $19.99 on sale, August
Faux Fur Vest (chaleco piel artificial): via Filene's Basement. Paid $20.00 on sale, was $68.00 (2010)

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nelson Mandela Died: My Tribute to a Remarkable Man

"Today, the world lost an amazing man in Nelson Mandela. While he is gone, his message of love, tolerance, and understanding will live on in the millions of people that he inspired. We are blessed to have lived in his time and felt his impact." 
I wanted to start this post by quoting what Dr. Mehmet Oz posted on his facebook page, because I agree with what he said. We lost a wonderful and remarkable man. A man who fought against racism and discrimination, a man who struggled for freedom. He had a dream and didn't stop until he reached it.

A Short Biography

First Interview
Nelson Mandela was one of the most admired activist of the 20th century.  "The most dynamic leader in South Africa today" were the words of journalist Brian Widlake who interviewed Nelson Mandela for the first time at the leader's hideout in 1961 . Bellow is the first televised interview.

Release from Prison
He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison after the famous Rivonia trial. At the trial, instead of testifying, he chose to give a speech. This is a piece of it:

"I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination," he said. "I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die."

They took him to the Robben Island prison, where he spent 18 years of the 27.

"There was a lot of physical abuse, and many of my colleagues went through that humiliation," he said.

 After 27 years in detention, he was released. This video shows his relase along with the rest of the activists. 

Speech After Prison

Nelson Mandela Congressional Gold Medal Speech

Nobel Peace Prize Speech

Nelson Mandela Throughout The Years
Nelson Mandela Through the YearsNelson Mandela Through the YearsNelson Mandela Through the Years

He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964

prisoners breaking rocks at robben island
"In the winter of 1964, Nelson Mandela arrived on Robben Island where he would spend 18 of his 27 prison years. Confined to a small cell, the floor his bed, a bucket for a toilet, he was forced to do hard labor in a quarry. He was allowed one visitor a year for 30 minutes. He could write and receive one letter every six months. But Robben Island became the crucible which transformed him. Through his intelligence, charm and dignified defiance, Mandela eventually bent even the most brutal prison officials to his will, assumed leadership over his jailed comrades and became the master of his own prison. He emerged from it the mature leader who would fight and win the great political battles that would create a new democratic South Africa."

Nelson Mandela Through the Years

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela walks to freedom after 27 years in prison on Feb. 11, 1990

Nelson Mandela Through the Years

with Ted Kennedy

with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

with Jesse Jackson

with Whitney Houston

with Pope John Paul II

with The Dalai Lama

Nelson Mandela and former president of the USA, Bill Clinton

Nelson Mandela Through the Years
Nelson Mandela with his grandchildren

"An aide places a cap on the head of Nelson Mandela, at age 90, to protect him from the sun at a campaign rally on April, 2009." ~ News Channel

A man who sought equality and whose struggle for freedom defined his life. He left behind an enormous example of life. We shouldn't see color or status of people. We are all human beings and for that we are equals. So I want to finish this tribute with a verse from the Bible that says:

"And the second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these. "
~ Mark 12:31

Don't you think if we love each other this world would be a better place?

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Images source: abc13, abcnews, news channel 5, quartz,
Videos source:  youtube:: CTNews01 , The Unauthorized Story, BIO, Karolus Karoo Karoo

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Faux Fur Vest & Jeans:: Two Takes

When I think of Christmas, I think of sparkles and fuzzy feelings. Since the holidays are just around the corner, I wanted to incorporate both features (sparkles and fuzzy) for this outfit while keeping it simple at the same time. I achieved this by pairing these jeans with a sequined top and a faux fur vest. I wore this outfit for a lovely dinner with the family (pictures taken last winter - though I still wear this look now). 

Cuando pienso en la Navidad, pienso en destellos y sentimiento que te abriga el corazon. Desde ya, las fiestas estan a la vuelta de la esquina asi es que quiero incorporar esos dos detalles y manteniendo la simpleza al mismo tiempo. Consegui eso combinando pantalones vaqueros con un top de lentejuelas y un chalequito de piel artificial. Vesti este atuendo para una cena casual con la familia (fotos tomadas el año pasado - igual sigo vistiendo este mismo look en el presente). 

Both looks are casual, thought the one on the right carries a touch of glamour and chic (thanks to the sequined top, blazer and  metallic clutch). The one on the left is a more casual way to wear a faux fur vest. Again paired with jeans, a sweater and high boots turns this outfit into a more suitable look for running errands like going to do groceries or shopping ;)  I appreciate you visiting my blog and welcome your comments, thank you very much.

Los dos atuendos son casuales, aunque el de la derecha lleva un poco de glamur y sofisticacion (gracias al top de lentejuelas, el blazer y el sobre metalico). El de la izquierda es una manera mas casual de vestir este chalequito. Combinado con un par de vaqueros, un sueter y botas altas hace de este look mas comodo para hacer las cosas como ir de compras al mercado o ir de compras al mall ;) . Aprecio mucho tu visita a mi blog y agradesco un monton tus comentarios, Muchas gracias ^_^ !

Look 1: 
Jeans: Hydraulic via Macys (2010)
Boots: Hush Puppies via Macys (2007)
Faux Fur Vest: Victoria's Secret, $39.99 (sale, 2011)

Look 2: 
Top: Asos (2010)
Blazer: Lush (2010)
Jeans: via Marshalls $9.00
Clutch: From a Local store (old)
Faux Fur Vest: Victoria's Secret, $39.99 (sale, 2011)

Thank you so much for reading and for your support :D !

Muchas gracias por leer y por tu apoyo :D !
besitos !