Saturday, May 30, 2015

Always Comfortable and Chic

Vestir mi blusa de lino con jeans es siempre una buena idea rapida para salir de apuros. Es comodo y simple, pero a veces puede ser medio aburrido. Es por eso que agregue accesorios y joyas que tornaran este atuendo en algo mas lindo e interesante. Agregue colorida cartera y zapatitos y bella joyeria. Me hubiera encantado tomar mejores fotos de las joyas porque la verdad que estan muy bonitas. Me encanta el pop de turquesa y verde que estas joyas agregan a todo el atuendo. 
Has tratado de vestir joyas que vuelvan todo tu atuendo mas lindo?
(Otras dos opciones similares de atuendo vestidas por celebridades en las fotos de abajo)

Wearing my linen blouse with jeans is always a quick outfit idea that have saved me many times. This style is comfortable and simple, buy sometimes can be plain. So, that's where accessories come to play a great interesting role. I added these colorful handbag and flats and gorgeous jewelry. I wish I had taken better pictures of the jewelry because they are beautiful. I like the pop of turquoise and green color that the jewelry adds to the outfit. 
Have you worn statement jewelry to make your outfit look more appealing?
(Other two chic simple similar styles by celebrities below)


         What I Wore

How cute and comfy look these two celebrities! Love casual outfits ^^ !
 Katie Holmes
(Next time, I wear my sunglasses during the day)

Ashley Greene

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Fan of Color and Polka Dots

A Throwback Outfit...
Recordando este Look..

I'm such a fan of color and polka dots and these pieces are just perfect for that. I got these jeans last year at JCPenney and the blouse at Burlington Coat Factory. I wanted to wear black and white on top and on my feet and I think this polka dots with the lace shoes go perfectly. They just add a touch of femininity to the whole outfit while the colored pieces add a fan vibe to the look. I enjoyed pairing these two accessories and I think the colors of the turquoise necklace with the pink bag go beautifully together. 

Español: Me encanta los colores y los lunares y que mejor piezas que estas para demostrarlo. Compre todas las piezas el año pasado except el collar que lo compre este mes. Quise usar negro y blanco arriba y en mis pies y creo que esta blusa de lunares va muy bien con estos tacos de encaje. Le da un toque bien femenino a todo el look mientras las piezas de color agrega un toque divertido. Me encanto poner juntos este collar turquesa con este bolso rosado. 

I believe polka dots will never go out of style because is such a classy pattern. But if someone says that they are out, I would still wear it anyways because I chose what to wear based on what I like and not base on what a system dictates ;) 

Español: Creo que los lunares nunca estaran fuera de moda porque es un diseño muy clasico y lindo. Pero si alguien dice que ya estan fuera de moda, yo los seguire vistiendo de todas maneras ya que me visto basado en lo que me gusta y no en lo que est sistema dicta ;) 

Polka Dots blouse from Burlington Coat Factory from last year $9.99 (sale).
Jeans from JCPenney, last year purchase $19.99. 
White House Black Market pumps from Ross about 3years ago. I don't remember the exact price but I'm sure was less than $30
Asos Envelope Laptop Case, last year purchase $17.91
J.Crew Bubble Necklace got it from ebay for $14.50 (recent purchase) It has the logo on it, whether is authentic or not does not matter because I bought it since I loved it :)   

Total spent: $62.39

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