Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cut out Shoulders

Today's post is blue colors and black with touch of camel hues.
La publicacion del dia es colores como el azul y negro con un toque de colores beige. 

I’m planning to wear this outfit if it’s not that cold outside. I was hoping this Fall won’t be too cold, but it is :/ so, I took this picture with the purpose of posting it only, but didn’t actually go outside for two reason. The weather was kind of yucky and those shoes were killing me, perhaps because they are a little bit big lol. I was planning on wearing them for the first time outside, but after walking a little bit on the hallway of our building, I didn’t want to wear them any more. Those shoes are for somebody who is a size larger than me. Well, next time I hope I find the same or similar shoes with the right fit, because they are gorgeous. The earrings and necklace were made by me with leather. Hope you enjoy this post :) God bless !


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