Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Color Combination:: Orange-Yellow-Purple

Three color combo from my archives.
Tres colores combinacion traido de mi archivo de ideas.
I really liked remixing these hues. It is exciting trying to mix bold colors and in this case I chose to wear two on my clothes while adding a third one by using a colored clutch. Nude pumps were a great option to keep this outfit on a tree color block. Do you like to wear color?

Me encanta mesclar estos colores. En este caso quise usar dos colores diferente en mi ropa y agregar un tercer color por medio de mi cartera. Opte por color piel para los zapatos asi mantuvia el look en tres colores. Te gusta vestir color?

Asos top, clutch and watch. JCPenney jeans, Aldo pumps. 


  1. I'm loving this color-blocking trend thing.. btw, I first saw your pic in Jewelmint and just added you here.. I'm just a newbie in blogging so feel free to visit mine if you have the time. Cheers! :-)

  2. Love your outfit! You look so chic and fabulous!!Good job girl!!

  3. Love your colorbloking! Such interesting colors together.

  4. @ ItsMeChelle .aw thank you for following :) ! I'm sure going to visit your blog :) !! Cheers !
    @ Fashion fuera de la Cuidad. tan linda ! muchas gracias :) !!!
    @ Keely ..thank you dear, enjoy this trend :D !