Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Wear Men's Shirt

Another idea of what to wear when you don't know what clothes to chose is your man's clothes. In this case I chose my husband's shirt, now mine :) since he doesn't wear it anymore plus it's color comes very handy for this season and this Fall-Winter season coming as well. Because you know that color blocking is going to stick around for a bit more. These are two ways I wore my husband's shirt.

Otra gran idea de que vestir es la ropa de tu amado. En este caso opte por vestir la camisa de mi esposo, la cual es mia ya que el no la usa mas :) jeje... Y el color viene perfecto ya que Color Blocking es  una moda que se quedara por un rato mas con nosotros en esta estacion de Otono-Invierno que se viene. Estas son dos maneras de como use la camisa de mi esposo :)

Even though in this outfit all the clothes and accessories are very girly, the man's shirt adds a masculine touch. This is a girly outfit with a masculine side and so is the next one.

Here, I wanted to pair it with a tailored shorts to make a modish masculine style, but at the same time I added a white necklace which gives a feminine touch.

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