Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY: Bleached Jeans

Hi darlings, how was your weekend? I spent mine doing some tie dye. I have seen many celebrities wearing this trend like Drew Barrymore, Olivia Palermo and others. I like this patterns because they kind of look like flowers.

Hola chicas, aqui les dejo una idea de como desteñir sus pantalones. Esta tendencia se ha visto por todos lados. Las celebridades ya la estan vistiendo. 

What You Need
  • A pair of jeans 
  • Water
  • Bleach
  • Rubber bands
  • Cleaning Gloves

Lo que necesitas

  • Un par de jeans
  • Agua
  • Lavandina (Lejia)
  • Banditas elasticas
  • Guantes
  • Y desde luego un balde

Step 1:
Grip and twist small portions of your jeans. Secure these twisted parts tightly with the rubber bands. 
(The area held tightly by the bands will remain dark and unbleached so if you want more dark areas, make more or larger tight areas.)
Be careful with the crotch/groin area. (usually better if you just leave these areas untied to be bleached.)

Paso 1:
Sujeta (ata, amarra) en nudos pequeños o grandes usando las banditas elasticas. Las areas apretadas por las banditas elasticas quedaran oscuras. La lavandina o lejia no desteñira las partes atadas. Si queres mas partes oscuras usa mas banditas.

Step 2:
Submerge the item in a mixture of bleach and water (approximately 3 parts water to 1 part bleach)
This takes about 3 to 4 hour but keep checking it because if it stays too long you will get holes in the jeans. It took me more than 4 hours because I used a lot of water at the beginning. So, I was adding more bleach every so often. You can always add more bleach every time you check it out.

Paso 2:
Sumerge el pantalon en el balde el cual contiene agua y lavandina (lejia). Las medidas aproximadas son 3 partes de lavandina (lejia) por 1 parte de agua. Si agregas una taza de lavandia (lejia) agrega casi 3 tazas de agua. De todas maneras esto puede cambiar ya que cada tanto que chequees puedes agregar mas lavandina dependiendo de cuan rapido y desteñido quieras tus pantalones. Esto tomara mas de un par de horas. No lo dejes por mucho tiempo para evitar se hagan agujeros. 

 Step 3:
Rinse the jeans thoroughly until the bleach is out. (this may take a while)

Paso 3:
Enjuagalos muy bien hasta que no quede rastro de lavandina o lejia. Asegurate que laves los pantalones solos en la lavadora. 

 And Voila !!!
Step 4: Iron your new jeans.
check out how I turned them into skinny here

Y listo !!!!
Paso 4: Planchalos bien para sellar el diseño.
Chequea como transforme estos pantalones amplios en bien delgados aqui

Drew Barrymore

Olivia Palermo

Jessica Alba

Minka Kelly

Kate Beckinsale

Are you going to try this trend? 

Thank you very much for visiting!


  1. Hi, there! Just found your blog from the MJR Sales Facebook page and I'm glad I did! You're adorable and I cannot wait to try this DIY! I have exactly the jeans for it. :)


    1. thank you so much Emliy :D !!! I'm very happy you like it ^^ !!! looking forward seeing you around
      Elsey ^^ !!!

    2. oh, It would be nice to see how they turn out. Don't forget to share your pictures on my facebook.
      regards :) !