Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Red and White Floral Cardigan

A laid back floral Sunday. I wear jeans very often. It's kind of my routine, a good one because wearing jeans is so casual and comfy though sometimes changes are more than welcome. That's is why I wanted to wear maxi skirts during last weekend. I wore my blue skirt last Saturday for a late night movie date with my husband and this maxi black skirt last Sunday. Let me tell you, it made me feel good. Don't you get tired of wearing the same thing every day? Maybe you have to follow that dress code due to your job. Enjoy your weekend wearing those unexpected and longed  for changes.

Forever21 tank top (old)
Old Navy cardigan (old)
RD Style Maxi skirt $12.00 (August, last year)
Urban Outfitters Cooperative Canvas Wedge Heel $29.79 (October, last year)
Guess handbag. (gifted)
Banana Republic bracelet (Black Friday Sale, last year)

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  1. Beautiful post! :)