Saturday, September 14, 2013

Earthy Colors Look - Colores Tierra Atuendo

A Flashback - Recordando este Look

I like how Wikipedia define the meaning of Earthy colors. I quote "Earth tone is a color scheme that draws from a color palette of brownstansgreysgreensorangeswhitesblues and some reds. The colors in an earth tone scheme are muted and flat in an emulation of the natural colors found in dirt, moss, trees and rocks. Many earth tones originate from clay earth pigments, such as umberochre, andsienna."
You see, earthy colors doesn't have to be lifeless. We should get inspired by them when we don't know what to wear.
I like the jeans I wore because of the orange shades. I wanted to add a bright pop of color by wearing these yellow pumps painted by me. Check it out how to do it here

Tips to have in mind when we feel like wearing earthy colors. Enjoy this post
(color scheme from

colour combinations - earthy orange, brown, and green
Here's a wonderfully earthy palette of brown, green, and orange.

colour combinations - earthy brown and green
Earthy doesn't mean lifeless. These shades of brown and tan are enlivened with a bright teal accent.

colour combinations - earthy brown and a touch of orange
Shades of brown and a touch of gray with a dark earthy orangy red.

colour combinations - earthy purples, pinks, and blue
These dusky shades of purple, pink, and blue have an earthy tone without a single shade of brown.

Me gusta como Wikipedia da la definicion de Colores Tierra. Ellos lo definen asi "los tonos tierra son colores que vienen de una paleta de colores como los marrones, bronzeados, grises, verdes, anaranjados, blancos, azules y algo de rojos. Estos colores son encontrados en la tierra, arboles y rocas. Muchos colores tierra som originados de los pigmentos de la tierra como el amber, ochre y siena." 
Ya ves, colores tierra no quiere decir que sean colores sin vida. Deberiamos inspirarnos en estos colores tierra cuando no tengamos idea de que vestir. 
Me gusta estos pantalones que vesti porque tiene toquecitos de color naranja. Quise agregar colores llamativos como estos zapatitos amarillos los cuales pinte yo. Chequea los pasos a seguir aqui.
Alli arriba te dejo fotitos que saque, de Ideas de colores y espero te guste. 

What I Wore (Lo que Vesti)
Asos Bracelet & Watch
Pants (pantalones): Forever21 
Blouse (blusa): from Peru (2012)
Clutch (sobre): Asos (2011) out of stock
Sunglasses (lentes de sol): Oakley Changeover 
Pumps (tacones): DIY painted by me.("Hazlo Tu Misma" hecho por mi)

Oakley Changeover
A better picture of my sunglasses. Changeover

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