Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Outfit Ideas and Tips

Hi dear readers.
I created these outfit ideas specially for Black Friday, since you are going to be running around, you need to be comfortable. I put together 2 outfits. One for a cold day and the other for a colder day.  Don't forget to check my tips down below for your shopping day. I hope you like them. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Idea # 1

Idea # 2

My Black Friday Shopping Tips

  1. Have a budget so that you will not over spend
  2. Review your wardrobe before going shopping, so you don’t buy duplicates or stuff that doesn’t go with anything.
  3. Make a list of The Must Gifts you are planning to buy since the holidays are coming. Do not forget to ask for gift receipts.  
  4. Since you already know what you need. You can check many store websites to see which price sticks to your budget. You can buy it online or you can buy it at the store. Don’t forget to print the coupons.
  5. Check the Mall schedule. They will have a list of all the stores and the discounts they offer.
  6. Wearing comfortable shoes is a must, so that you can run around.
  7. A cross-body handbag is more comfortable to have. You will have both hands free.
  8. Limited items. Wallet, cellphone, coupons, a bottle of water, some snacks or chewing gums, and ponytail holders in case your hair gets in your way.
  9.  Do not get tempted to buy things you don’t need. Remember your budget and stick to it. 
Good luck !


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