Saturday, May 5, 2012

Aquamarine and White

Hasn't happened to you that sometimes you already have an outfit idea the night before? Well, last night I felt like wearing this combo. It is so fresh, casual. comfortable and chic at the same time. I had my hair up first, but I wasn't feeling it so much, so I ended up letting my hair loose and I think I nailed it since it compliments the outfit. It's so true that your hair can make your outfit stand out. Do you pay attention to your hair when putting together an outfit?. Personally, I always feel comfortable with my hair down, but I have to agree that sometimes changes are better (I made it like a donut shape and after 3 to 4 hours I let it down).
ps: I put a similar outfit together using polyvore for you girls and I hope you like it

EspaƱol: Te ha pasado que a veces ya sabes que ropa te vas a poner la noche anterior? A veces me pasa eso, ayer anoche senti de vestir este combo de colores. Es un look fresco, casual, chic y ademas es comodo. Al principio tuve mi perlo levantado como una dona, pero no me senti muy comoda asi es que lo deje suelto. Fue lo mejor ya que complementa todo el look.  Tu prestas atencion en tu pelo a la hora de poner tu vestuario junto?. Personalmente, siempre me siento comoda con mi pelo suelto, pero tengo que admitir que a veces cambios son mejores (despues de haber tenido mi pelo como dona, lo deje suelto adquiriendo esa hondas). 
pd: Puse un atuendo similar a este usando polyvore y espero les guste.

What I wore

  • Macy's t-shirt $6.50 (Black Friday 2010)
  • Chadwicks Blazer $12.99 (2011)
  • JCPenney jeans $19.99 (2011)
  • Guess handbag. A gift from my husband (2009)
  • Asos oversized square sunglasses $21.81
  • Payless Chelsea Flats paid $16.99 
  • Beaded bracelet, DIY by me :)

And here is the outfit I put together for you using polyvore.
Aquamarine and White

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  1. Perfect combo and the color is beautiful! Spring is here!

    1. gracias :) yay finally Spring is here!! aunque a veces hace un poquin de fresquito (el cual me gusta)

  2. your sunnies are amazing :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Lovely blog you have! :)